Now we offer Contact-Free Delivery

Your health and safety is our top priority.
Choose ‘Contact-Free Delivery’ and have your food delivered with no contact between you and your delivery expert.


Authentic Vietnamese Lunch & Dinner at I Love Pho

Request for ‘Contact-Free’ in the instructions when you order online or over the phone.


Authentic Vietnamese Salad & Stir Fry Meals at I Love Pho
Your delivery expert will call upon arrival and place your order in front of your door.


Your delivery expert will wait at a safe distance until you pick up your order.

Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our Top Priority Health & Safety

The health and safety of I Love Pho community is always our priority during this challenging time – that’s you, our valued customers, as well as our team members.

Working together, we will continue to bring healthy and delicious Vietnamese cuisine to you and your family. We take our responsibility seriously to deliver safe and freshly prepared meals everyday, 7 days a week.

In light of this, we have implemented additional precautionary measures to ensure we can deliver the best and safest experience possible.

I Love Pho Restaurant’s Approach on Health and Safety
Food Safety and Handling Procedure During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Best Practices on Food Safety & Handling

  • Installing extra sanitisation units for customer use at the entrance of the restaurant
  • Ensuring the sanitisation of surfaces, equipments, food handlers, delivery drivers and food preparation environments
  • Regular hand washing and wearing glove when making food and packing orders for takeaway

Best Approach on Health & Safety

  • Double cleaning schedules throughout the restaurant including tables, seats, door handles and EFTPOS machine
  • Mandatory staff training on COVID-19 and store procedures outlining to-do steps should a customer or staff present as unwell
Thank you for your kind support and for trusting us. We want to ensure you feel safe and comfortable when ordering from us. We will continue to refine our approach and provide the updates accordingly.