Have you always had Turkey, Ham and Buche de Noel for Christmas?

This festive season, be brave to refresh your taste with our Vietnamese Christmas menu.

It has all the Christmas menu’s components of:

Quail & Chicken instead of Turkey, Crispy pork instead of Ham, and fresh Prawn salad with Green papaya to replace the fresh cocktail prawn.

Then Caramel Pudding is undoubtedly the gentle note to finish such whole joyous holy meal.

Vietnamese food menu

$38 per person for a course of one entree, three mains & a desert.(Min 2 people). Avail from 11th Dec 2016

Vietnamese partyThough it’s not the National public holiday, Christmas is still the wonderful time for Vietnamese people to indulge in the spirit of holy season.
Instead of staying at home to enjoy the Christmas Eve party,

Vietnamese celebrationVietnamese people tend to hang out to visit sparkling churches for night service, then altogether they create excited crowds all over the city.

They just normally come back home at midnight to enjoy the late meal with family.