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Vietnamese food offers a tantalising range of moreish dishes, with plenty of colours, crunch, aromas and incredible flavours.

But if we had to choose one single dish as a symbol of the nation, it would likely be the Pho – Vietnamese Noodle Soup. Deceptively simple, yet decidedly addictive, this noodle soup is a staple food of Vietnam and also of I Love Pho customers!

A good Pho boils down to the broth. We've built up a loyal base of fans who come from far and wide to sample our beef pho, along with our many other delights. We have a great menu selections including vegan, Halal and gluten free.

Authentic Vietnamese Bao Bun Crispy Pork Belly

Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

Founder Emma Nguyen opened I Love Pho in 2011 with a mission to bring happiness to people through food and the broader dining experience.

Today, this Sydney-based Vietnamese restaurant continues to promote Emma's passion for healthy, delicious Vietnamese food. We aim to wow our guests every time, with every 'un-pho-gettable' bite.

Customers dine in a bamboo-themed space that is intimate, yet stylish. Designed to capture the hustle and bustle of street dining, a visit to I Love Pho is a culinary event you will never forget. Come and experience one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Sydney today!