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Vietnamese Cuisine Catering in Sydney

A Tale of Two Sisters

This is the story of two sisters with a passion for food and culinary experiences, each with respected Vietnamese restaurants in Sydney. When Emma Nguyen (our very own I Love Pho) and Jessica Nguyen (La Sen Restaurant) decided to join forces, what emerged was a catering service with a focus on delivering honest-to-goodness Vietnamese food at restaurant quality.

Grilled Sate Chicken Skewers by Chao Catering

Honest Vietnamese Cuisine

Chao Catering is on a mission to blend the best Vietnamese food with fresh local herbs, exquisite flavours and health benefits (we're gluten free). Made with love, our hawker-food-inspired menu is more than a mind-blowing dining experience. It's about being part of a community where we can celebrate all the best things in life.

We offer 5-star service and deliver straight to your door to locations within 15 kms from either Crows Nest or Randwick. We open & deliver 7 days a week. Order up to 4 hours in advance.

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Vietnamese Restaurant in Sydney | I Love Pho

Yes, we do catering

Chao Catering is the creation of I Love Pho founder Emma Nguyen and sister Jessica Nguyen of La Sen Restaurant acclaim. From corporate lunches and cocktail parties to banquets and dinners, Sydney's catering scene is in for a shakeup with Chao's divine range of Vietnamese food.
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Through our corporate jobs, we saw how catering food is served at the various meetings and events we had attended and noticed how food caterers do not necessarily address specific dietary needs of their customers or clients. Our restaurant customers also express how they love our food so much and even order takeaway food to enjoy at their homes.

Chao Catering works with their clients in making sure that our Vietnamese catering is aligned with their client’s budget and dietary needs. Chao Catering believes that great and healthy Vietnamese food can be greatly appreciated and enjoyed even through these corporate events and cocktail nights, beyond the Vietnamese Noodle Soup we know as Pho.

Find our signature packages here:

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Taste of Vietnam
Vegan Power


CHAO means “Hello”

Chao in Vietnamese means “Hello” in English. A simple phrase that makes our catering services in Sydney special and personal. Essentially, our Vietnamese food catering business is literally a way for us to greet our clients, their first experience of what authentic and healthy Vietnamese food tastes like. This is also our small way of influencing people to learn more about our culture through Vietnamese food and simple greetings like ‘Chao!’.

Chao Catering is a catering service provider in Sydney focused on delivering fresh and premium Vietnamese food to events and lunch functions. Different menus are available for our clients depending on the dietary restrictions and requests made by their guests. May it be gluten-free, nut-free, or vegan, options are available through our reliable client service here in Chao Catering.
We have worked with different companies in Sydney including:

  • Cisco
  • Uber
  • LinkedIn
  • Microsoft
  • New South Wales - Health
  • New South Wales - Education
  • Salesforce
  • Qantas and many more!

Send us a message if you want to know more about our catering services and how we can bring authentic Vietnamese food to you and your guests! We are open for service seven days a week, all day, for events and different functions—from corporate events to intimate events like anniversaries, birthdays, and wedding receptions.

Asian food catering in Sydney through CHAO Catering can also be customised depending on your logistical needs. Vietnamese food can already be prepared in individual bento boxes for everyone, served in plates for sharing, served buffet style for warm food, or with live cooking with a chef and waitstaff available on site.

Reach out to us and let us know how CHAO Catering can help make your event better. We can also cater to larger groups of up to 600 people with no minimum order. Delivery fee for catering services depends on the distance from our restaurants to the event location.

Menu is available on our website for a brief overview of our pricing. For corporate events, you may get a free quote when you make an inquiry about our Asian catering services.

COVID-19 and CHAO Catering

While the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down our catering services operations, we have innovated ways of getting our premium Vietnamese food available for anyone who would want a taste of comfort and warmth during these challenging times.

DIY Vietnamese Noodle Packs are available for purchase in our online store and should be purchased at least four hours in advance. Other frozen Vietnamese food that would only need cooking in your home are also available for purchase. From fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls to savory Crispy Skin Chicken, these authentic Vietnamese foods prepared by CHAO Catering are available for purchase! Click here for the full menu.

Get to enjoy a premium and authentic Vietnamese meal from CHAO Catering from the comfort and safety of your home. Get to experience and taste what it’s like to have CHAO Catering in your events, may it be for corporate lunches or intimate dinners.

We hope to serve you better through our catering services soon when lockdown eases and the pandemic eventually bids goodbye.

COVID-19 Safety Information

Innovation not only through food but also through service is one of the things CHAO Catering continuously explores during a pandemic. CHAO Catering offers contactless delivery service and puts our customers first to ensure their safety and enjoyment of our meals.

Again, frozen Vietnamese food is available for pre-order and like our meals, are prepared fresh daily! DIY Vietnamese Noodle Pack good for four people available on our website.

We also have other frozen Vietnamese food goodies available at CHAO catering if you plan on having a full Asian food catering for a small dinner with friends or family.

CHAO Catering assures customers that these safety precautions are implemented and are done routinely. This makes it possible for us to operate safely even with the lockdown in place.